A Ghanaian pastor has been arrested for shooting his wife dead in the American city of Orlando, Florida.

Sylvester Ofori murdered his wife Barbara Tommey, 27 outside an Orlando credit union where she works around 9 am.

The heinous crime was captured on CCTV camera which led to the identifying and subsequent arrest of Sylvester Ofori at his private residence.

Ghanaian pastor reportedly kills wife in Florida by shooting her seven times

“You can tell that she’s trying to get inside. Unfortunately, he shoots her outside of the establishment,” Police Chief Orlando Rolon said.

Ofori is a pastor of the Floodgates of Heaven on Coburn Avenue in Orlando.

“He does have quite a large social media following where he speaks to his followers. Calls himself a prophet, his followers call him a prophet,” Orlando police Det. Matthew Rogers said.

The self-styled prophet is reported to have fled the scene immediately after shooting his wife multiple times.

He was however arrested and charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, according to Orlando police.

According to court revelations, Tommey and Ofori were going through a divorce at the time of the shooting.

Court records also show that in 2016, Ofori was arrested for resisting an officer who responded to an argument between the two.

“Someone committed a heinous act of violence towards a loved one and there’s no excuse for that,” Rogers said.

Miracle Child ( Emmanuel AHADJIE )
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