Slay Queening is a lifestyle that has lately been found on the lips of most social media users. The word is a term used for ladies who not only fake their lifestyles on social media but also live a wayward life that propels them to jump from one fraud boy to the other…the situation makes them ‘cheap girls’…

Countless of these slay queens has been murdered in cold blood for countless reasons including money rituals.


Nsemka.Com has banged into a shocking video. A beautiful young woman between the ages of 19-21 yrs was brutally butchered to death allegedly stealing 200 cedis from a fraud boy.

watch video ( graphical image-viewers cautioned)

The matter is criminal and we hope the police will grip these wicked boys. Nsemka.Com will follow the story and keep you updated

Miracle Child ( Emmanuel AHADJIE )
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