The day is here now and MTN has begun to demand ID verification before a MOMO Account holder can redraw money, a policy introduction that has landed many into a complex confused state of mind.

But then, within the majority of the frustration momo subscribers are going through, some die-hard people have made several attempts to test the pulse of this MTN’s Momo ID Verification Process and the result is baffling.

To cut everything short, anyone can still redraw cash from his or her momo account even without a valid ID.

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All you need to enter is any ID number. In the process, the system can sometimes accept any randomly input 10 digits, sometimes the system declines the input…but as long as you input any Ghana valid ID number, irrespective of it being associated with your momo account or not, the system accepts it and you can redraw your money..

This simply means that MTN is only interested in knowing whose ID was used in redrawing the money so that if anything goes wrong, they can know where to start arresting people.

This Is How To Still Redraw Money From Your Momo If You Don't Have A Valid ID

That is a cool and a laudable idea…but then, how about why the system still sometimes accepts the input of any fake 1O digit numbers?..

It simply means that MTN’s whatever system is still not efficient and can be bypassed by fraudsters because if anyone inputs any fake 10 digit ID numbers and their system accepts it and allows the person to redraw money, who do you arrest if there is a problem…..?

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  1. Infact they should have make to be accepting only ids or names associated with the momo accounts before redrawal can be made.


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