Organ trafficking, also defined as ‘illegal organ trade’, ‘transplant tourism’ or ‘organ purchase’ describes the phenomenon of trafficking in persons for the purpose of organ removal, a grim reality even in the 21st century

Our source in Oman ( a country bordered by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen) has just dropped shocking news.

The lady in the photo is a young mother called Nakato Emilly, a citizen of Uganda, who arrived, and has been working as a house help in Oman for the past three months…Her Kidney has been stolen by her own master in collaboration with some strangers…

Narrating how the horrible incident occurred to a friend, Nakato Emily said she has been very strong without any illness and has been doing her daily maidservant work well without pains or any sign that she is sick…

She said, recently, while working in her master’s residence, her master called her upstairs. She said when she went, she met her master with some strangers who suddenly pounced on her and covered her nose with a handkerchief. She waked up only to find herself on a hospital bed with a bloody bandage around her stomach. A doctor told her it is her master who brought her …and that her kidney has been removed on the instructions of her master…She becomes shocked and horrified, as the thought of death hit her.

Her master is currently doing documentation to send her back to Uganda, to join her husband and children without giving her any explanation for authorizing the removal of her kidney without her consent. All efforts to get the attention of authorities to intervene on her behalf and arrest her master for questions is not working. Nakato Emilly says she is dying. The doctor says she will die soon even when she arrives in Uganda. She is struggling for the attention of any international human right group.

KIDNEY THEFT: Maid Servant's Kidney Stolen By Master

A living human Kidney is sold expensively depending on who is buying and how urgent it is needed. The act, if not authorized by the donor is considered criminal in some countries.

Is organ selling legal in any country?

This development came after India tightened its rules on organ exchanges in 2008, following the arrest of a “kidney kingpin” running one of the world’s largest kidney trafficking rings. Many donors are also taken to Iran, the only country in the world where selling kidneys is legal, though not to foreigners.


Is it ethical to sell human organs?

The profession of medicine, the transplant community, and those involved in public policy have a responsibility to oppose the buying and selling of organs. It is an unethical approach to shift the tragedy from those waiting for organs to those exploited into selling them.

Does organ selling violate human dignity?

It is argued that allowing the practice of organ selling inherently runs the risk of promoting the notion that some persons have less worth than others and that persons have a price, which is incompatible with dignity.

This should also serve as a warning note to our young Ghanaian girls to desist from traveling to certain areas seeking greener pastures…

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