The day is almost here when MTN will begin to demand ID verification before a MOMO Account holder can redraw money, a policy introduction that has landed many into a complex confused state of mind. The giant telecommunication company intends to start this on 2 April 2021. This means that from 2nd April 2021, you cannot redraw money from your MOMO Account without a valid ID that matches the details of your MOMO Account.

I am personally a victim of this new policy because the MOMO Account that I use does not belong to me. It belongs to my cousin, a soldier who resides in a military camp in the north of Ghana. I was having some challenges with my main MOMO Account so he gave me his account to use which I have been using for almost 2years now. But then, the challenge here is, he had misplaced the ID he used to register the MOMO Account just when I wanted to ask for it.

So this lands me in the position where whether I have his ID or not I cannot provide a valid matching ID Card to authenticate any MOMO money redrawal hence by the new policy I cannot redraw money from the account so i cannot use the account after 2nd April 2021. I am hot.

To enable me able to still own a MOMO Account to facilitate rapid receiving and payments on a daily basis, I run off to MTN office at the Achimota Mall today 1st April 2021 to register a new MOMO Account. By 8 am I was there but I was number 38 in the queue.

After an hour of waiting, service started. At 9.48 am I had my turn to be served only to be told that I cannot use the newly registered voter id for registering a new MOMO Account when I showed it as the ID I have.



But I had this impression, per what was circulated in Ghana, during the registration of these newly introduced voter IDs, that after the 2020 elections, this newly registered voter ID can be used nation-wide without any challenge but here I am being rejected.

Shocked !..

I tried to challenge the guy at the counter but he insisted that the system has not been programmed to accept the newly registered voter id…and that they are waiting for the electoral commission of Ghana to validate the cards before they can begin to accept the cards. His straight forward explanations and reason were enough to make me stand and walk away highly disappointed and didn’t know who to blame…

By the time I got to where my car was parked, I had started writing this story simply because i realised too many things that were wrong with this MTN’s new policy.

Is MTN aware that the newly registered voter id held by over a 17million citizens in Ghana will not be accepted by their registrations processes?…and if they did, why did they still decide to introduce the new policy and did not wait until the electoral commission of Ghana complete whatever they are doing, syn the new id database to that of MTN registration software to make it acceptable before introducing this new policy?…

If MTN is aware that 17,027,641 people in Ghana hold this newly registered voter id which cannot be accepted by their SIMCARD / MOMO Account registration process yet they are going ahead to launch the policy tomorrow 2nd April 2021, this is not fair…or it simply means there is something somewhere the giant communication firm has no more mouth to speak into…kind of fed-up and wants to go ahead with the policy launch, irrespective of the intense challenges…

The fact still remains that MTN is sure to lose 17,027,641potential MOMO users for this simple reason and I still cannot understand why they still want to go ahead with the policy introduction.

The giant telecommunication firm, in its desperate attempt to ‘slaughter mobile money scam’, has decided to implement a strict policy that will require a valid id authentication to authorize any momo account redrawal, starting 2nd April 2021.

MTN Rejects All 17,027,641 Newly Registered Voter IDs Ahead Of New Policy Launch

However, i think the implementation of this policy must wait, no matter how laudable it is.

In my very strong opinion, I think MTN must postpone the launch of its new policy of valid id match authentication before money redrawals from any MOMO Account to a date when their registration systems can accept these newly registered voter id cards…or?

What do you also think?

What’s your view on this?

Drop your comments,


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