A political science lecturer at the political science department of the University of Ghana, Dr. Seidu Alidu has expressed as unfortunate the posturing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Electoral Commission (EC) in their engagements.

There appears to be some sort of friction between the opposition NDC and the Electoral Commission as the two institutions have often accused the other of one wrongdoing.

This, Mr. Alidu thinks is avoidable. According to him, it is all down to what each party perceives about each other.

“If the NDC doesn’t trust the EC, the way they are going to behave towards them will be different. If the EC  also thinks that NDC people don’t trust us and they are here to cause trouble, their action towards them will also change.

“So we don’t have to wait till we get the point of stalemate before we begin to address this kind of issue”, he said in an interview with 3FM’s Winston Amoah Monday.

The political scientist noted IPAC platform needs to be sanitized to make it easier for stakeholders to engage without any unnecessary scuffles.

“I think consultation and respect for divergent views and tolerance should be brought back to the IPAC platform. But also in the way the EC deals with all electoral stakeholders. It takes the collectivity to be able to make the country better,” he explained.

A leaked tape available to 3new.com of the recent IPAC meeting held last Wednesday revealed a brawl between the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah and the General Secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketiah.

In the said tape, Mr. Nketiah was heard seeking an explanation of some dealings of the EC, but just when Ms. Jean was responding, there was noise in the conference room which she deems disruptive and thus called the meeting to order, which she directed at Mr. Nketiah. That triggered a showdown between the two.

Listen:[Leaked audio] EC boss Jean Mensa, Aseidu Nketiah clash at IPAC meeting

Dr. Alidu observed that the EC boss ought to have been extra careful in dealing with stakeholders especially when it is an open secret that there is a seeming mistrust between her office and some of the stakeholders.

“I think is not for the EC alone, but also the political parties; they should also know that the EC has the responsibility and the role. And they should also treat the EC and respect them in most of these discussions… But I think moving forward, we have to stop this intransigent position and dialogue”, he said.

He added that the EC boss has an alternative of doing her lawfully mandated business without having to consult any stakeholders who may not trust her.

Dr. Alidu warns that the issues may escalate if they are not dealt with at the elementary stages.

“I think moving forward, the image and the responsibility of the electoral commission will be put in jeopardy if we do not try to build consensus and unit” he cautioned.

“I think moving forward, we have to stop this intransigent position and dialogue”, he reiterated.

Source: 3news

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