It will be recalled that between October and December 2019, the deadly Coronavirus stormed our planet earth, putting every single business on the planet on hold, a hit that affected every human on the planet one way or the other.

To many, the source of the virus has become a very controversial subject, though majority of fingers are pointing at a meat market in Wuhan, a city in China. There are still speculations that the virus started in Wuhan for one or two reasons. (1), that the meat market is close to an experimental Chinese lab, and (2), how the Chinese government firmly tried to shut the mouth of few influential students who tried to reveal more secrets that the virus was released from a science lab close to Wuhan meat market.

It is also being speculated that Covid-19 is a biological tool being used to depopulate the planet earth and make way for a vaccine equipped with advanced tracking formula designed to enhance the technology of Artificial Intelligence tracking system.

It is also recalled how massive reactions went against some utterances by some famous people who tried to indicate that the coronavirus’s main target area is Africa. An example of these utterances was one made by Belinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates….and she said, quote ” very soon, dead bodies will be on the streets of Africa” unquote. This statement sparked angry comments from some famous personalities like Didie Drogba, who outrightly condemned the speech.

The extremely low cases of covid-19 in Africa have been attributed to our hot weather condition, while the high rate of deaths across other continents outside Africa has been attributed to their cold temperate zones. The reason for weather conditions being a regulatory mechanism on the coronavirus is still being argued out there, leaving the ordinary human deeply confused about the real inside behavior of the virus when it comes to weather conditions.

Three Billion Africans Must Die Says Some Global Economy Experts 2

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In a video that has gone viral, some global economy experts, have stated that the rate at which the world population is rising is not good for the global economy. For this reason, the need to depopulate the planet is very crucial. They are insisting that when it comes to this depopulation project, the focus must be Africa. Three billion Africans must die to save the world… and their reasons are (1) Africa doesn’t contribute to the global economy, (2) Africans don’t deserve to live because they are not only worthy of that benefits but also, the right of survival must be taken from them.

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