Voodoo & Witchcraft In Ghana Is No Movie Rehearsal. Take It Or Leave It. Countless Have Been Saved & Destroyed By The Phenomenon. On A More Serious Note, The Phenomenon Has Taken A Powerful Grip On Our Relationships. It Is A Mysterious World That Exists Within Ghana.


Voodoo_Influenced_Relationships_ More_Active_In_Ghana
The practice has spread massively like a wildfire cutting across all religions and tribes

“Voodoo” and “witchcraft” are part of indigenous Ghanaian spirituality, and it is being mixed with Christianity and Islam today. Take or leave it, it’s what inside many people’s lifestyles. For outsiders, that is hard to understand, but practitioners are very serious about their beliefs. 

The English word “witchcraft” refers to all sorts of sorcery and magic, often emphasizing destructive, evil intentions. Generally speaking, witchcraft appears to be more relevant in West Africa than in East Africa today, and there are great differences between countries and tribes when it comes to ‘’witchcraft and ‘’voodoo’’

Events are seen in different ways. If someone has a car accident, Westerners assume that the person drove too fast or that the brakes didn’t work. A Ghanaian is likely to say that someone used witchcraft to harm the person concerned. This belief influences many facets of life and even has consequences for practical issues such as land ownership or law enforcement including our relationships.

Witchcraft and voodoo rituals are practiced in secrecy and often at night. Typically, sorcerers or healers do not speak about their doings, which makes it even more difficult to understand them. Mbiti (1999, p. 57) states: “The physical and the spiritual are only two dimensions of one and the same universe.” For many Ghanaians, the reality of our daily lives has a dimension that Europeans do not perceive: an ever-present, supernatural power which is not otherworldly. This is what we mean when we speak of Ghanaian spirituality.


A mandated a very prosperous businesswoman. She was his fiancée. And because she was rich she took very good care of the man by providing him with all the basic needs that will enable him to command respect in the area they lived. She didn’t want neighbors to know that her man was jobless, in fact, jobless for years. However, because the man uses the woman’s cars, people in the neighborhood, who had no knowledge of his joblessness, had the impression that he was the one who was rich and was taking good care of his woman.

On a more serious note, this man brags a lot in drinking bars in the vicinity and the action got him lots of attention from the young ladies. A very pretty young lady fell for this man because she thought the man was very rich. The young lady had no slightest idea that the reality of what she believed about the man was rather the vice-versa.

She started dating the man and the relationship got hotter and hotter until it got to a point that this young lady wanted the man to quit his relationship with his businesswoman and marry her. The decision didn’t go down well with the man hence he turned down the offer because he knew what he will lose when he quits the relationship with his fiancée the businesswoman

However, turning down the offer rather triggered various dimensions of ‘evil intentions’ in the young lady to a level she sorted the assistance of a powerful voodoo priest to help her win the man’s heart as his wife…in fact, she wanted the voodoo priest to kill the businesswoman for her to become the man’s new wife.

Voodoo_Influenced_Relationships_ More_Active_In_Ghana
somebody can spiritually kill you because
he or she loves the one you’s a wild wild

This thing called love is so strong that sometimes when the opposite sex decline to return it, the other might find diverse ways to make sure his or her love is returned. This is where some believe that ‘voodoo’ might intercede to patch up the missing link.

Voodoo_Influenced_Relationships_ More_Active_In_Ghana
minds and decisions can be reversed using voodoo –
black or white magic

After consulting the voodoo priest and implementing all the chants and charms she was instructed to, this young lady started paying unusual visits to the man’s apartment when his fiancée leaves for work. She had no idea that everything in the apartment belongs to the businesswoman. The man himself owns nothing in the house, not even a bulb.

This young lady was overwhelmed by the facilities in the apartment including the internal décor and as a result, her eagerness to kick the businesswoman out from the house so she becomes the next mistress grew more desperate until one day, the businesswoman returns home unannounced at midday to pick something she had left behind, only to bang on her man and this young lady in their living room.

There were some arguments and the young lady left. The businesswoman lost total trust in her man at once and from then, she stopped him from using her cars and also stopped giving him more money. Thereafter, the young lady started to realize that the man she loved and wanted to marry had nothing for himself in that apartment.

He was jobless and a braggart…and that the businesswoman she is trying to eliminate from the house is rather the head of the house who takes care of the man. Incidents continued until the businesswoman broke up with her man, packed all her things from the house and moved into a newly rented apartment with another man.

The young lady couldn’t move into the apartment to stay with the man she had been struggling to win because there was nothing left in the house, not even a mattress….and behind all these, the voodoo she had summoned was silently working. She had to return to the voodoo priest to reverse her demand. This is what the bible termed as ‘vanity of vanities’…


    (A TRUE STORY 2)

    A pastor friend of mine met a UK lady who was the branch manager of a big supermarket in London. That was in 2012. As a close friend, he told me how badly he wanted that woman and would do everything to make her his wife. This pastor was then very poor. He had a small church he manages with the hope of getting a bigger church someday.

    He started dating this UK woman on the phone. Along the line, he told me he had learned some ‘voodoo’ methods that can be used to bind a woman to a man forever so he was going to use it to bind this UK woman. We were very close friends so he told me he had done it when he did it. He also said he was expecting the woman to start giving him lots of money.

    Voodoo_Influenced_Relationships_ More_Active_In_Ghana
    some so-called ‘men of God’ knows how to bind a woman to a man permanently using white magic

    And it came to pass. The woman started sending him lots of huge monies, from which he bought new land and built a 500 member capacity church in a suburb of Accra. The woman also later gave him GHC50, 000 cash from which he wedded her (the UK woman) in a flashy wedding that became the talk of the town for months. The UK woman, after the wedding, bought him a new car too.

    As I speak he has two kids with the UK woman and each time I meet them, when my eyes and his eyes (the pastor) meet, he turns away a little, I guess, releasing that, I know the secret behind his successful relationship. The relationship is built on voodoo and not from the Holy Spirit as he parades around.


    The reality on the ground is, there are countless relationships under the powerful influence of ‘’voodoo’.I am certain you might have heard so far, some scattered distance stories of how a lady or a man has used ‘voodoo’ to charm the other into a relationship. It’s all over the place…and the alarming side of the phenomenon is, the youths have also started practicing it.


    Love is a natural self voluntarily decision, a dynamic feel that independently generates from within a person for the opposite sex, hence it is a natural crime to force or bend this rule by the application of ‘voodoo’ to force the person to love you. The results of such ‘unseen applications’ are something we cannot discuss here but I tell you, these results are countless and not good enough to hear.

    The youth of today sees life as a game of war where anyone can achieve anything by any means necessary but it’s not so because whatever you do, you will get a reaction in life depending on how you do it because life is fuel on a principle that cannot be overwritten.

    Nature and Karma takes their course without any impediments. You cross their path, they deal with you accordingly.

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