Chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC), Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh has said that the media regulator cannot exercise any authority on content shown on TV despite the outcry of Ghanaians to bar media houses from showing some programs.

This comes in the wake of the influx of juju and money doubling contents on TV that has reportedly played a part in the story of two teenagers who murdered a 10-year-old for money rituals at Kasoa.

The police said their investigations reveal said they were influenced by a priestess on TV who later told them on the phone that he needed human parts to proceed with the rituals.

However, Speaking on Asaase Radio’s The Big Bulletin, Boadu-Ayeboafoh said until the broadcasting bill is passed the NMC cannot regulate content on the screens.

We can’t do anything… it would have to go through Parliament. Parliament has been sitting on the Broadcasting Bill since 1993,” the NMC chairman told host Beatrice Adu.

He added: “So, for MPs to be accusing us, saying NMC is reneging, when did they pass the law to say NMC is not implementing or enforcing? In the absence of a broadcasting law, it becomes very difficult for us to regulate.”

We should bemoan some of the things that we see on our television and all that. But to impute that a heinous crime as this merely to the fact that somebody watched television, I think that it is too farfetched,” he said.

To put it on a charge sheet that this is the reason why they did that, I think that this is a very lazy investigation.”

Miracle Child ( Emmanuel AHADJIE )
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